About Amelia Island Photography Workshops

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Our Workshops

Everyone sees the world through their own unique filter. Taking a snapshot is a lot different than making a photograph. Making a photograph is a thoughtful process that includes feeling, observation, skill, technique, and a desired outcome. It has much less to do with equipment (cell phones and pinhole shoe box cameras are welcome!) although specific equipment can play a role depending on the challenges of getting the shot. The desired outcome usually starts inside of you.

The challenge that many photographers often face is knowing what they want but not knowing exactly how to get there. We'll cover that and everything above in our workshops. Depending on the topics of particular workshops, other prominant photographers may be invited to attend and share their unique skills as well.

So, how many workshops in a year can any one person take? We figure not that many. That's why we design our workshops to be informative, fun, relaxing, and in settings that have plenty of photographic eye-candy on and around Amelia Island, a fabulous international destination location. And if that weren't enough, you'll have plenty of time with award winning photographer and instructor, Michael Spicer, right at your side, helping you hone your skills while taking you to some of the most beautiful nearby locations.

Whether you are someone who lives nearby or are here vacationing, contact us to find out more.